Fully automatic station for R1234YF A/C systems. Has a user friendly controlling software with large icon Graphic Display, no manual tabs and high precision oil and dye injection cycle.Optional flushing system to be used on hybrid and electric vehicles, ready to carry out leak tests with nitrogen/hydrogen blends and is also ready for internal refrigerant identifier as per SAE J2843.


FKF200YF / FAST222YF  Fully Automatic Service station for R1234 YF A/C systems.

      • Advanced features user-friendly control board with large Icon Graphic Display.
      • Automatic working cycle, no manual taps. with High Precision Oil and Dye Injection.
      • Controlled Refrigerant Charging Precision and up 95% Recovery.
      • Inclusive of internal flushing system to be used on hybrid or electric vehicles.
      • Ready to carry out a leak test under pressure with the use of nitrogen or nitrogen/hydrogen blends.
      • Ready for internal Refrigerant Identifier as per SAE J 2843.
      • Ready for A/C System Diagnosis


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