Modern vehicles include a number of electronic units which in turn control all systems like drivetrain systems, chassis systems, body systems and others. There are times that control units fail to operate correctly due to internal parts malfunction or circuitry damage and can be repaired for a fraction of cost of buying new.

We guide you through diagnostic procedures and if a control unit found malfunctioning we can test it and repair it, please call us for details. 

We sell, install and service automotive garage equipment like Vehicle lifts, parts cleaning systems, air condition service stations, gas & smoke analyzers, injector cleaning& testing systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems, brake lathes,

Tyre Servicing Equipment is an important activity of our Company. Our headquarters in Nicosia include a complete alignment demo and training chamber.  This demo chamber includes the latest John-Bean alignment unit V3400 along with a 5.5 meters long, 5 tones scissor lift. Any one who interested to invest in wheel alignment business has the chance to hands-on practice and experience simplicity and accuracy of John-Bean.

Customers are taken from first steps, get explained what are the potentials of every model and according to their needs we sell them, take care of the installation place, train the personnel of the customer, offer on line remote assist and if equipment fails to operate for a reason or customer complain for anything, then our well trained technicians will take care to bring back in service your precious investment in zero time.

Also our demo and training chamber includes a BFH-2000 wheel balancing machine which is available to anyone for test and practice on new techniques concerning high performance wheels & tyres.

Diagnosis Equipment Sales & Service along with professional Diagnostic Equipment and engineers expertise, is the key to success in automotive systems diagnosis and repairs. We offer leading brands of diagnostic equipment which combine powerful diagnostic capabilities, frequent and reliable updates, plus local and manufacturer technical support and training, all these guaranty professionalism and success.

Speak to our sales team and give a start to success +35722 878523


An in-house system, takes care of everything a training event needs, all delegates are invited and are welcomed to our premises wherein an organized and comfortable environment is expecting them. Our trainers will deliver every single piece of information to all delegates through projections, videos  and printed word. Common problems, diagnostic and repair procedures are explained to all delegates.

Please dial +357 22 878 523 to learn more.

Performance Upgrades & Tunes

Offering performance upgrades for MagicMotorSport equipment

Performance Upgrades with MagicMotorSport equipment, available for all major brands.

Diagnosis On-Line Technical Support

We help local technicians to understand what, why and when to test.

Diagnosis On-Line Technical Support  is the leading edge of the Diagnostics section. Our customers through this service have the advantage to be guided through OE diagnostic procedures and fix complicated and simple everyday problems securely and comfortably.  Our technicians  through schematics and wiring drawings will let you know what to test , why must test and when to test. This part of our business gradually help our customers to get better and upgrade their knowledge and understanding concerning modern vehicle technologies and systems.