On 22 and 23 November 2016, our company along with GIT, had organized a very informative and usefull training.
Both G-Scan and non G-Scan users took the chance to, upgrade their knowledge and add some new approaches to troubleshooting, and functionality as well.

Instructor was Mr. Scott Choi, a Korean master technician with a lot of years of experience both in the aftermarket area and dealerships as well. Making his way up to nowadays Hyundai and Kia master tech and instructor.
Mr. Robin Shin was assisting and coordinating along the way.

Trainees had the chance to learn, discuss, get answers to their technical questions and chat with Mr. Choi and Mr. Shin .
Coffees and treats where as always available during the breaks.

Youtube video here



John Bean Wheel Alignment Training

Some shots from the two day training are shown below........have a look on them!!!

L. Luca Enterprises Ltd, official distributors of John Bean Alignment Equipment for Cyprus, periodically organizes single day or two days training for John Bean alignment techniques.

These events are organized in co-operation with Snap-On Equipment John Bean wheel alignment master trainers, or using factory trained stuff from our Company.

Single day trainings covers basic alignment theory and by using well equipped classrooms and training means, participants have the chance to wide their knowledge. Also on two day trainings, second day is completely devoted to practical alignment sessions using latest John Bean alignment equipment.

Autologic Training September 2013

A three day Autologic Traininh Event

In September 2013, our Company in co-operation with Autologic Diagnostics Ltd UK, had organized the annual Autologic training event. That was a three day event.

September the 20th was completely devoted to Autologic product and services Presentation. The presence of the European market sales director Mr. Neil LePine gave to this gathering a different tone. Mr LePine had explained the philosophy of the Company and the future plans. Also participants had the chance to watch live Autologic equipment diagnostic procedures including coding control units and Flash programming. Treats were offered to everyone and event ended with friendly chatting.

September the 21st was a full day Introduction-Overview¬† for BMW 5Series F10. Adam Bishop, BMW Master Technician, introduced this, complete day introduction – overview. Participants had the chance to listen and ask questions about this wonderful vehicle. Coffees and treats were offered to all participants and also lunch along with friendly chat. Adam Bishop was an excellent “teacher” and from the first moment had gained the respect from everybody including Platonas, the Company’s 3-legged dog!!

September the 22nd was also a full day Introduction – overview, for Mercedes Benz B-Class 246 Chassis. Ian Payne, Mercedes Benz Master Technician, was the instructor of this also very interesting introduction – overview. Again all participants had the chance to ask questions and listen to very interesting information. Coffee, treats and also lunch were offered to everybody followed by friendly chatting.