Autologic Updates

New software updates

Autologic is pleased to confirm the release of software updates for a large range of VAG and BMW models.

VAG Functionality updates:

  • Added Vent Coolant System function for following vehicles and engine codes:
    • A4 2008> CNHA|CNHC|CSUA|CSUB
    • A5 2008> CNHA|CNHC|CSUA|CSUB
    • Q5 2009> CNHA|CNHC|CSUA|CSUB
    • Q3 2015> CYLA|DBBA
    • TT 2015> CUNA

Added 0CW gearbox Basic Settings to Audi Q2 2017

Added Brake Pad Replacement procedure to Brake Electronics on Audi Q3

  • Added 0CK gearbox Basic Settings to 4G Audi A6, 4G Audi A7
    • Calibration of gear sensor
    • Calibration of gearbox auxiliary hydraulic pump
    • Calibration of clutch valves
    • Calibration of travel sensors
    • Adaptation of clutch kiss points
    • Reset all learned values

BMW Functionality updates:

Added BDC short circuit procedure for all F and G series

Please contact the team if you have any questions regarding software updates or Autologic diagnostic support services.

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