Fronius ACCTIVA Easy

Charging and testing: small but strong.

Nice and compact, nice and smart. Small, high-performance, electronically controlled plug-in charger and tester. Charging and testing in one. A microprocessor controls the charging process and monitors all functions of the device. You can also test the startability of the battery, the charge level of the battery, and the functioning of the alternator. All with this small device.

Recomended fields of use:

Ideal for motor vehicles (workshop, showroom, used vehicles), motorcycles, vintage cars, agricultural machinery, caravans, light aircraft, boats, golf caddies, lawnmowers

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Equipment features:

Product information:

  • For charging or charge conservation of conventional lead-acid, lead-calcium/silver, or sealant type batteries (AGM, MF) as well as maintenance free lead-gel batteries
  • Indication of battery charge status using bar charts in the display
  • Charging of deeply discharged batteries possible
  • Compact design thanks to primary switched mode power electronics
  • A special cable allows the battery to be charged from the cigarette lighter
  • Based on Active Inverter Technology


  • Charging: The ACCTIVA Easy charges batteries fully automatically and gently until they reach their maximum capacity. After charging, the charger automatically switches over to conservation charging in order to avoid self-discharge.
  • Testing: The ACCTIVA Easy uses the measured open circuit voltage to determine the battery charge state and the startability of the battery. To test its performance, simply start the vehicle.
  • Checking: The ACCTIVA Easy checks the function of the alternator. A measurement shows whether the voltage generated lies inside or outside the permitted range.
    Replacing: If the vehicle’s battery is removed or replaced, stored data (e.g. radio, clock, etc) is retained. The ACCTIVA Easy temporarily replaces the battery as the power supply unit.

Protective features:

  • Electronic reverse polarity protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Safety cut-out
  • Electronically safe
  • Short-circuit protection