Air conditioning service equipment

Compact and advanced technology, light weight and durable servicing units for vehicle A/C systems.
FRAL supply the workshop with efficient and up-to-date equipment to facilitate and economize the A/C service, to make car passengers feel comfortable and safe and to protect the environment.



Oksys FRAL is the best solution for every air condition repairer. It is compact, fast, with a very flexible software that allows technician to treat every repair situation in the way it should.  Choose from the menu manual functions or automatic full functions, gas tank is heated with a constant temperature in order to keep tank gas pressure stable. This will allow you to charge exact gas quantities no matter if  ambient temperature is hi or low. Besides, controlling software will reduce gas charging flow when reaching desired quantity making charging cycle very accurate.

In cases of minor air condition leaks that are very hard to find you can connect Nitrogen pressurized gas and through sophisticated pressure sensors of the equipment you will get a result if is a leak or no leak.

There is a variety of models to choose in order to cover your needs, also a collection of extra accessories and tools in order to run a profitable businesses and enjoy good reputation.