John Bean Visualiner PRISM 42

Product description:

With the PRISM aligners targets are fitted to the front wheels and so-called pods (POortabel Device) are provided on the rear wheels. With this special technology – a combination of single features of CCD and 3D technologies – which is used in the wheel aligners Visualiner PRISM 42 of John Bean the optical communication on the front axle cannot be interrupted – hence no spoiler adaptors are necessary. On the other hand wheel alignment is highly flexible with these aligners so that they can be used on different alignment bays, handling all vehicles from the small Smart car to a large van.

Aligners in PRISM technology require hardly any maintenance – communication is wireless via Bluetooth, no electronic components are fitted to the front wheels.

The measurement components such as pods, targets and wheel clamps are made of magnesium and are therefore extremely light.

An added advantage: the new PRISM technology allows measurements up to maximum steer without electronic turntables.

The Visualiner PRISM 42 is equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries which have an especially long life. The batteries are software-controlled to enable the user to safely complete the alignment.

The vehicle specifications are sourced directly from the OEM and are therefore complete, up to date and correct – on the whole the specifications of almost all models of the past 25 years are available.

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Key Features:

  • Mobile terminal with printer shelf and compartment for PC plus additional storage space
  • 19″ TFT wide-screen monitor
  • PC with Windows operating software and Pro42 Vallue user software
  • Colour printer
  • Set of 2 targets and 2 PODs with magnesium wheel clamps 11″-22″
  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  • Measurement screen with all relevant data
  • Can be used in different wheel alignment bays
  • Cordless communication via Bluetooth
  • Long-life lithium-ion batteries
  • No need for spoiler adaptors
  • Easy to service
  • Ride height modified vehicle specifications
  • A-arm adjustment
  • Standard accessories: Steering wheel holder, brake pedal lock


Technical Features:

Toe-out on turns yes
Caster and SAI turntables yes
SAI elevated yes
Wheel sizes (inch) 11 – 22
Track width (mm) 1200 – 2500
Wheel base (mm) 1200 – 5000
Ride height modified vehicle specs yes
FrameCheck™ light-truck frame angle yes
Caster, camber, toe live turntables yes
Caster, camber, toe live elevated yes
Camber and toe turntable (caster frozen) yes
Camber and toe elevated (caster frozen) yes
A-arm adjust yes
Rear shims yes
Display 19″ TFT
Data transmission type cordless
Measuring system Pods
Clamping range of wheel clamps (inch) 11 – 22
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz


Alternatively Versions:

Visualiner Prism 42 ELITE with user software Pro42 Silver and additional enhanced features such as run-out compensation by rolling of the vehicle and measurement of vehicle dimensions