MagPro2 line

MagicMotorSport offers a modular solution, for automotive repair and chip tuning workshops.

MAGPro2 is a complete set of interfaces, accessories and services. MAGPro2 interfaces, support vehicle control units produced from 1999 up to today.

The system can be used, to reprogram control units for power increase, increase fuel economy, as well as to reconfigure reconditioned ECUs by rewriting the whole content.

MAGPro2 interfaces, offer advanced recovery functions. Also users can be assisted by an expert technical team for any level of complexity. From a simple assistance of an ecu connection – to a full recovery of a faulty ecu.

Online chat and a database of files, along with manuals are only a few of the services offered by the MMS Helpdesk.



MAGPro2 X17 interface, is a chip tuning solution for motor vehicles equipped with EDC16, EDC17, MED17, MED9, MEDV17, Marelli 6/8, Denso, Delphi and many many other state of the art ECUs, supporting OBD, Ethernet and Bootloader communications.

The interface supports:

  • CAN-bus (ISO 15765-4 & SAE-J2234)
  • K-line (ISO 9141-2 & ISO 14230-4)
  • TP2.0 and UDS protocols

In most cases checksum correction, is done on the fly without an online connection to the internet. Which could be very useful, if you are out and about of your workshop.

Includes a Breakbox interface with cables, which allow connection on TRICORE & Nexus equipped ECUs, for bootloader communication. Thanks to the accessories, which can be added to the package, this procedure is made much easier and safer.

Additional services to chip tuning include DPF, Immo, Hot Start, AdBlue, Swirl Flaps, ECU clone, ORI file database, and many other, which are available for all master users of the X17 interface. The interface is available in MASTER and SLAVE versions.

All updates are included for free for the first year, also support is provided through, online chat, phone, ticketing system and remote connection. All can be handled through the MMS Helpdesk.