John Bean b9250 Truck Balancer

Product description:
The b9250 is an easy-to-operate truck wheel balancer with pneumatic loading device and low space requirements. Consequently, it is particularly suited for workshops and tyre shops which handle heavy truck wheels.

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Key Features:

  • Automatic input of distance and diameter (2D SAPE)
  • Input of width via keys
  • Including pneumatic loading device
  • Gauge arm with weight clamp
  • 5 alloy modes
  • Spoke mode
  • Electronic friction brake for braking after measurement
  • Virtual plane imaging (VPI) technique
  • Spacious weight tray with 16 weight compartments
  • Conspicuous display
  • Truck cone adaptor with spacer, cone for light truck wheels and 2 truck cones, weight pliers, truck rim width callipers, wheel guard


Technical Features:

Shaft diameter (mm) 40
Measuring speed (rpm) 100
Measuring time (s) > 20
Display (LED, LCD, TFT) LED
Rim width (inch) 2 – 20
Rim diameter (inch) 8 – 26
Rim diameter – manual input (inch) 8 – 30
Wheel width max. (mm) 650
Wheel diameter max. (mm) 1300
Wheel weight max. (kg) 250
Wheel distance input semi-automatic / gauge arm
Input of rim diameter semi-automatic / gauge arm
Input of rim width manually
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Width 1345
Depth 1455
Height 2005
Weight (kg) 233
Noise level (dB (A)) <70