John Bean 8010 TR Truck Tyre Changer

Product description:
The John Bean T8010 TR truck tyre changer with its compact size has been specially designed for use in mobile service trucks.

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Key Features:

  • Truck tyre changer for mounting and demounting tubeless truck and bus tyres on steel or alloy rims
  • Access ramp for easy loading of the tyre changer.
  • Two rollers for bead breaking and tyre changing allow quick operation. Both the inner and outer beads are demounted in a single process.
  • The innovative design ensures that the rollers are always centred relative to the wheel.
  • Wheels, rollers and control console are so positioned relative to each other to make retreading of tyres extremely convenient.
  • Easy control via integrated control console
  • Clamping of wheel by its centre bore via cone and wing nut


Technical Features:

Clamping range (inch) 16 – 22.5
Wheel width max. (inch) 20
Wheel diameter max. (mm) 1200
Wheel weight max. (kg) 200
Bead breaker force (kN) 18
Chuck speed (rpm) 4
Torque max. (Nm) 1800
Power supply 400 VAC 3ph 50Hz
Width (mm) 1270
Depth (mm) 1290
Height (mm) 1100
Noise level (dB (A)) <70
Weight (kg) 330