John Bean b9280 Truck Balancer

Product description:
The truck wheel balancer b9280 measures both the static and the dynamic portion of unbalance and hence increases truck wheel life considerably. The balancer is equipped with a TFT wide-screen monitor and asanetwork capability.


Key Features:

  • Automatic input of distance rim/machine and rim diameter (2D SAPE)
  • Input of rim width by pressing of the function key and turning of the wheel (patented)
  • Electronic friction brake to retain the wheel in any position
  • Patented virtual plane imaging (VPI) technique
  • Weight tray with 27 weight compartments and shelves for car cones and weight pliers
  • Measuring speed less than 100 rpm
  • Automatic braking of the wheel after measurement
  • Automatic static and dynamic unbalance measurement in a single measuring run
  • Cone adaptor with spacer and light-truck cone of 120 – 170 mm diameter
  • Gauge arm with patented wheel weight clamp to input wheel data and position adhesive weights
  • Hidden weight mode
  • Patented optimisation mode
  • 19“ TFT wide-screen monitor
  • Comprehensive on-line help in more than 20 languages
  • asanetwork capability


Technical Features:

Shaft diameter (mm) 40
Measuring speed (rpm) 100
Measuring time (s) > 20
Display (LED, LCD, TFT) LED
Rim width (inch) 2 – 20
Rim diameter (inch) 8 – 26
Rim diameter – manual input (inch) 8 – 30
Wheel width max. (mm) 650
Wheel diameter max. (mm) 1300
Wheel weight max. (kg) 250
Wheel distance input semi-automatic / gauge arm
Input of rim diameter semi-automatic / gauge arm
Input of rim width manually
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Width 1345
Depth 1455
Height 2005
Weight (kg) 308
Noise level (dB (A)) <70