TiePie Handyscope HS4 DIFF

Handyscope HS4 DIFF, a Differential USB Oscilloscope.

The Handyscope HS4 DIFF is a 4 channel differential USB type PC based oscilloscope with a maximum sampling speed of 50MS/s and 128 KSamples memory per channel. The differential input channels enable safely measuring, without risk of creating a short circuit to vehicle’s systems through the oscilloscope. The TiePie Handyscope HS4 DIFF comes with a complete measurement software package that offers everything a technician  needs for his measurement applications.

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Many instruments in one device.
Using Multi Channel oscilloscope software, the world’s most sophisticated measuring software, the Handyscope HS4 DIFF can be used as: High Performance USB Multimeter, High Resolution USB Oscilloscope, USB Spectrum analyzer, USB Data logger/Transient recorder and Protocol analyzer. This powerful and compact measuring instrument can solve almost every measurement problem.

Differential inputs.
The Handyscope HS4 DIFF features four isolated differential input channels. This makes it the ideal instrument to perform measurements in high voltage circuits, amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, power inverters etc. No more risk of creating short circuits through your oscilloscope! To read more about differential measuring, please visit our classroom.

Multi Channel measurement software.
The universal Multi Channel oscilloscope software that is standard delivered with the Handyscope HS4 DIFF turns your PC into a storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a multimeter, a data logger and a protocol analyzer. An intelligent auto setup allowsthe inexperienced user to perform measurements immediately. The software allows you to save instrument settings on disk. Later these setting files can be recalled, reducing the setup time of your instrument to an absolute minimum.

Combining multiple Handyscope HS4 DIFFs.
When one Handyscope HS4 DIFF does not offer enough input channels, the Handyscope HS4 DIFF can be coupled to one or more other instruments. This allows to make a combined instrument which will enable simultaneous measuring on all channels of all combined instruments.

Fast continuous streaming.
Besides measuring in block mode, the Handyscope HS4 DIFF is also capable of performing continuous streaming measurements. This will create a continuous uninterrupted data stream to the computer. The data can then be displayed on the screen and/or saved to disk.

Connected to the fast USB 2.0 interface (High Speed, 480 Mbit/s), the Handyscope HS4 DIFF does not require an external power supply, once again fully supporting the “Plug in and measure” motto of TiePie engineering.